Can’t face going to school today?

We would like to persuade you to change your mind! Some people want encouragement, others clear warnings, and some need help from someone else. What works best for you?

What happens to your study grant if you don’t attend your classes?

If you are absent from school without the school’s approval, this is regarded as truancy. In such cases you can lose your study grant. If you have received money that you were not entitled to because you were not in school, you have to pay it back.

If you have other grants from CSN, for example supplementary allowance and boarding supplement, they are also affected. Payments from Försäkringskassan, for example if your family receives child allowance supplement or supplementary benefit for housing, may also be affected.

Read more about truancy and study grants (in Swedish)

Om kampanjen

Student perspectives in focus

Students from four upper secondary schools in three cities – Sundsvall, Malmö and Stockholm – have tested the idea and shared their thoughts on the messages. Thank you for all your clever and creative input! Feel free to give us feedback in our feedback function.

This campaign aims to provide information in a light-hearted way about what happens with your study grant when you skip school while at the same time encouraging you to go to school. If you are having a tough time and don’t want to go to school for that reason, perhaps pepping and warnings are not for you. In this case, it’s better to speak with an adult you trust.

A campaign in four languages

To reach as many students as possible in our target group, the campaign is available in four languages: Swedish, English, Dari and Arabic.

Cooperation between four government agencies

Because the National Agency for Education, the Enforcement Authority and the Social Insurance Agency can also become involved when students skip school, they have given us their thoughts and approval.