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When you visit csn.se, cookies will be stored on your computer. A cookie is a text file that helps give the user access to various site functions.

Manage your settings

If you do not want us to save cookies for web analytics, you can change your settings.

The website uses two types of cookie. One is a “session cookie” which is temporarily saved on your computer. The cookie disappears when you close your browser. The other type of cookie is stored in your computer for a longer time and is known as a “persistent cookie”. You can delete cookies in your browser.

If you do not allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can change this in your browser settings.

Session cookies

Session cookies will be saved on your computer until you close the browser. Then they disappear automatically. We use the following session cookies:

JSESSIONID. CSN uses several JSESSIONID cookies, one for each application. The files contain a session ID code that the site needs to be able to work properly. They are used to track your session and to keep you logged into our services. Domain: www.csn.se

testcookie. The file testcookie is used to find out if you allow cookies. Cookies are required for our services that requires you to sign in. Domain: www.csn.se

LtpaToken och LtpaToken 2. The files contains information about your signed in session and are used to enable our signed in services. Domain: .csn.se

Persistent cookies


CSN uses Matomo to collect usage statistics. These statistics are used to develop and improve the website. The website uses the following cookies:

  • _pk_id.* This file is used to identify returning visitors to the site. It is saved for two years.
  • _pk_ses.* This file is used to identify a session. It is saved for 30 minutes.

Information created by these cookies are handled locally by CSN:s own servers. CSN anonymizes IP addresses by removing the last digits of an IP address before the data is stored.

Other persistent cookies

acceptCookies. This cookie is used when you agree to the use of cookies meaning you won’t need to accept them the next time you visit the website. The cookie is saved for one year and can be deleted in your browser.

Cookies used for videos

Our website uses embedded videos. When you visit this type of website, cookies from two different parties might be saved:

  • Youtube. CSN uses YouTube to play videos on the website. When you visit a website that has and embedded video, cookies will be saved from youtube.com. The files are saved for less than a year and can be deleted in your browser.
  • ytimg.com. This file comes from Flash and will be saved when you visit a webpage with an embedded video. This contains settings such as sound volume. You can’t delete a Flash cookie, you need to do this in the Flash Player settings. Read the instructions on Macromedia’s website.
Updated: 2023-04-17
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